don’t wear capes.


They wear dog tags.

“I am in awe to know there are good people in the world with the means to help military families by sharing and giving.  I can’t express how thankful I am for this experience.”

– Marine Raider who’d been shot in the shoulder and knee and lost his teammate and best friend in the same firefight

“It’s nice after what we’ve been through to have people that truly want to help you.”

– Wife of a wounded Special Mission Unit Operator who was not expected to survive an improvised explosive device (IED) attack but did


Make a tangible difference in lives that make yours free.


How can one ever thank someone enough who has made freedom for others their number one priority at whatever cost?  The price SOF personnel pay is indescribably, unfathomably high. And it is a price their spouses pay as well. Operation Healing Forces cannot fully repay the sacrifices made by our Nation’s Special Operations Forces, but we can be a part of a group of civilian patriots that does help.

No special operator nor his spouse ever has to pay a dime to experience an OHF program.  Programs usually last one week and all expenses are paid for by OHF. To continue our valuable work, OHF needs contributions in the form of resort stays, luxury homes, and private yachts as venues for our rehabilitative events. Gifts like gasoline, fees, meals, airfare and other transportation are greatly needed as well.  Cash donations permit us to fill in the gaps wherever they arise in service to our participants.

Ours is truly a worthwhile, life-changing program. We need your help to continue to provide its many benefits to other SOF ill, injured, and wounded personnel and their companions. Please give generously.


“Today our servicemen and servicewomen who return from extended tours defending the United States deserve the very best our country and its people can provide.  Often those with wounds, even those without outward scars, are best served by charities that provide time with loved ones and fellow service members in environments that demonstrate the deep respect, admiration and dignity they are owed.  I hope those with the means will support these types of efforts.”


– General Doug Brown, USA (Ret), Former Commander, USSOCOM


And thank you!


A letter from Gary Markel, Founder and President


A letter from Gary Markel, Founder and President


Tax Benefits

Your gift may
be deductible.

Because Operation Healing Forces is a certified nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation, some or all of your donations to our cause may be tax deductible. The value of the use of the property is not deductible, however out-of-pocket costs associated with the use of the property are deductible.  This is similar to the donation of the use of boats.  We recommend you discuss your generous giving to OHF with your own financial counselor for clarification of what is or is not tax deductible. 


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