Creating Bonds That Cure.

We’ve served over 800 retreat participants since 2012. 

Operation Healing Forces is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to America’s Special Operations Forces who have served at the tip of the spear in our Nation’s battle to defeat violent extremists around the world.  Our work focuses on helping to restore the relationships wounded by the call of duty faced by Special Operators.

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Heroic recoveries can begin here.

Heroic recoveries can begin here.

There are some things seen that cannot be unseen: A fellow Soldier blown to pieces before your eyes; thunderous, blinding explosions that destroy lives yet somehow become commonplace.  Innumerable horrific nightmares happen to Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel nearly every day, all over the globe. When wounded, ill, or injured SOF operators return home, what then?

That’s where we come in.  Our retreats for SOF couples have grown from
five in 2015 to 36 in 2019 alone. By offering activities that can be related to the battlefield, SOF spouses get a glimpse into what the call of duty meant for their partners in a safe, peaceful, and reassuring setting with other SOF couples. This might entail scuba diving, parasailing, or off-road atv
excursions - all operational skills that the SOF warrior can now share
with their partners and fellow warriors. 


Of those we’ve served, 98% believe their relationship benefited and 85% felt their mental status improved following the retreat.  Instead of suffering in silence, 82% feel they have greatly improved communication with their support network.  Ninety five percent report learning of new resources

and benefits for themselves and their family. 

Help us help them. 

Their lives are our mission.


The mission of Operation Healing Forces (OHF) is to serve the needs of our active-duty and recent-veteran wounded, ill, and injured Special Operations Forces (SOF) and their families by starting or continuing the process of mentally, physically and emotionally healing in preparation to return to the fight or transition successfully into civilian life.

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“History does not entrust the care
of freedom to the weak or timid.”

–President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our concept is simple: Strengthen human bonds.

Through therapeutic retreats, our purpose is to enable these war-torn men and women to break through the silence to openly discuss their battlefield and personal hardships.  A safe, protected environment allows our participants to let their guard down and share.  Realizing they are not alone, participants discover it is appropriate — and not a stigma — to seek help, support, and guidance when needed from fellow SOF professionals and their families.

The retreat environment combined with peer-to-peer counseling and recreational therapies enable sincere bonding between couples, with other spouses going through similar hardships, and among fellow SOF service members.


Additionally, OHF will seek to aid the special operations community through a Special Operations Additional Resources Program to include:  immediate needs support through USSOCOM’s Care Coalition for seriously wounded, ill, and injured, and/or for SOF families in serious financial peril; conduct OHF Alumni Ambassador events to increase the OHF network and strengthen ties with our Alumni; and, expand a transition program to offer employment opportunities to transitioning SOF warriors.

You  Can Help.

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“Courage is the price

that Life exacts for granting peace.”

– Amelia Earhart

How can one ever thank someone enough who has made freedom for others their number one priority at whatever cost?  The price SOF personnel pay is indescribably, unfathomably high. And it is a price their spouses pay as well. Operation Healing Forces cannot fully repay the sacrifices made by our Nation’s Special Operations Forces, but we can be a part of a group of civilian patriots that does help.
No special operator nor his spouse ever has to pay a dime to experience an OHF program.  Programs usually last one week and all expenses are paid for by OHF. To continue our valuable work, OHF needs contributions for our rehabilitative events. Cash donations permit us to fill in the gaps wherever they arise in service to our participants.

Ours is truly a worthwhile, life-changing program. We need your help to continue to provide its many benefits to other SOF ill, injured, and wounded personnel and their companions. Please give generously.


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